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  Public Activities

Collaboration with Novosibirsk State University

Novosoft actively participated in the creation of the Department of Information Technology (IT) at Novosibirsk State University (NSU). This department now offers courses on the BS, MS, and PhD levels. The first group of students started courses in the department during Fall semester 2000. The instructors in the IT department came from other departments of NSU (Mathematics, Physics, etc.), from nearby scientific institutes, and from the substantial pool of highly-skilled specialists at our company. Novosoft is not only investing its intellectual resources into creating and implementing modern and innovative concepts of teaching Computer Science; it is also providing technical equipment.

The nature of Novosoftís partnership with the new Department of Information Technology is an investment in the future of our Siberian computing community and in the future of Novosoft. Our company employs more NSU computer science graduates than any other company in Siberia. We also support NSU programmers while they are still students by offering them training and internship opportunities.

Novosoftís collaboration with the University provides real-world and real-time tasks, in which the young programmers may sharpen their skills. Along with such exposure to the workplace, NSUís IT faculty are able to offer up-to-the-second analyses and explanations of todayís problems and possibilities in the IT market due to their intimate involvement in the computer science industry. Such a dynamic learning environment prepares students to seamlessly make the leap from the classroom to the workplace. The programmers, who emerge from NSUís IT program will be superior to graduate from other programs in our community because they will be more acclimated to realistic challenges and problems that exist in the software industry.

Collaboration with the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics

Besides providing software development services, Novosoft carries out scientific research activities.

Our Research and Development Department is engaged in theoretical studies of Computer Science problems related to the development of programming systems and the development of a user-friendlier computer interface. The Sobolev Institute of Mathematicsí Laboratory of Logical Foundation of Computer Science, in cooperation with the R&D Department, also carries out scientific research sponsored by Novosoft.

With Novosoftís support, weekly scientific workshops have taken place in the Institute since 1999. These regular workshops focus on problems concerning formalization of intellectual activity, semantics of natural language, and physiological aspects of human thinking. Participants of the workshops are scientists and specialists of related fields, not only from Novosibirsk Institutes, but also from other Russian and CIS scientific centers.

Additionally, since 2000 Novosoftís young IT professionals have had an opportunity to obtain Ph.Dís by studying as Post Graduate students at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, which is a part of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

Contest sponsorship

Novosoft is an active sponsor of Computer Programming competitions. The Novosibirsk State University (NSU) team won the right to compete in the Association of Computational Mechanics International Collegiate Programming Contest in Orlando on March 19, 2000. The NSU team was one of six teams from Russia out of sixty teams, which participated in the contest. In the world finals, the NSU team tied with MIT and Stanford and beat Cornell, Duke, and Harvard. Some members of NSUís winning team are already working at Novosoft.