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Russian WordNet

Princeton English WordNet is a semantic network widely used in a variety of English-language systems working with a natural language. Creation of the Russian version of WordNet allows building such Russian-language systems.

The main goal of Russian WordNet project is the execution of semiautomatic translation of English Princeton Wordnet using interlingual and synonymy dictionaries, frequency lists etc. Russian WordNet database format is English WordNet format compatible. The primary purpose is to map the inter-lingual top-ontology to the Russian language. During further iterations of the project additional relations and concepts that are specific for the Russian language will be added. Also we are planning to convert obtained data sets to Resource Framework Definition (RDF) format.

Business opportunities

  • Using Russian WordNet in variety of Russian-language natural language systems
  • Integration with Euro WordNet
  • Using jointly with Analyst WorkPlace, NS FineSearch and other Novosoft R&D projects