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  Bioelectric signals analysis

Novosoft Neuromapping Project

Existing solution don't allow efficient adjusting an experiment to a concrete person.

The following features are typical for such packages:

  • Reveal only serious damages in brain functions
  • Ignore a head form and individual peculiarities of the brain position

Modern brain mapping programs do not provide the option to perform an automatic analysis of Subject's results' selection.

The project is elaborated in cooperation with the Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Unlike existing packages that use the Fourier analysis, it is assumed to use Wavelet transformation in the project.

Neuromapping allows to plan and organize a psycho-physiological experiment or an investigation, register person's electric potentials, compose functional maps of head brain and form the Subject database on the basis of analyzing maps and additional information.

It is supposed to develop the method of EEG-optimization that will allow a Researcher to take real head forms and a place of Subject's brain position into account to treat his or her bio-potentials.

Business opportunities


  • Functional mapping of human head brain and a compilation of medical and psycho-physiological databases
  • Treatment of boundary psychic states. The package will allow to implement monitoring and prevention of psychic and psychosomatic damages via timely detection of boundary psychic states
  • Preventive medicine, medicine of extreme external conditions, child and juvenile prevention of psychic diseases and gerontology
  • Diagnostic of epilepsy, concussions of the brain, superficial haematoma and tumors

    Other areas:

  • Systems of personnel selection for working in extreme or sub-extreme climatic conditions
  • Systems for estimation of degree of personal emotional reaction to external stimulus (for example, during testing of advertisement effectiveness)
  • Scientific investigation of human head brain