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  Bioelectric signals analysis

Novosoft participates in developing computer programs to apply modern methods of medical diagnostic of psychological and psychosomatic diseases. The software package is created to insure planning and conducting a psycho-physiological investigation of patients, registration and an analysis of bioelectric signals, compilation of documentation about a state of a patient being examined, and the creation of patient database.

Novosoft has developed modern signal recognition technologies that can be applied for mapping of person's functional state. The application of these methods allows registering person's quick psychological reactions to external events, setting interrelationships of different departments of head brain, revealing their boundary malfunctions. Automatic or semiautomatic analysis of the subjects` samplings in order to determine the medical diagnostic is possible on the basis of data mining methods.

Areas of application:

  1. Medicine (especially remote and preventive medicine)
  2. A professional people selection for working in extreme climatic conditions
  3. Scientific investigations